Play Ball!

What. Just. Happened.

We knew that Thursday was going to be a day for us to remember at Busch Stadium, but it was purely beyond anything we could have imagined!

Fleet Street arrived downtown at 1:30 on Thursday afternoon, and were escorted by our amazing host Melissa, to a room where we could warm up and hang out. “This is the President’s Bunker, that leads right to the dugout. But don’t worry, they won’t be in here today.” Or so we thought….. Before you knew it, both Bill DeWitt III and his father, owner Bill DeWitt II were in the room listening to us with smiles on their faces. Oh yeah, and on our way to that room, we passed the likes of Ray Langford, Mark McGwire, Scott Rolen and more. Talk about speechless!

Once we left The Bunker, we headed to another space for a while before Melissa asked us if we wanted to go down to watch the Hall of Famers come in on the convertibles. I mean, is that even a question that someone says “no” too??? We did, and what an amazing sight it was, seeing the heros that we have watched for decades as Cardinals fans.

Finally, after the players had rode in on F-150s and the Opening Day lineups were announced, we were on. There was about a 2-second delay from when we sang to it coming back to us through the speakers throughout the stadium! But we just held on tight and listened to each other. And in a blink of an eye, we were done!

Words truly cannot describe the gratitude we have for the St. Louis Cardinals for inviting us, and for everyone who has given us a shout out. It’s truly overwhelming, and will surely be a day that none of us will ever forget….

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